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Hi everyone. Please be aware that RANDOM wheel clamping has ceased.

People not adhering to the rules will instead be given a warning and future indiscretions may result in an introduction of a tow away policy.


Please be advised we have received multiple reports of recent suspicious behaviour in the complex from outside parties. The Council of Owners have decided to station a static guard due to the increase in suspicious behaviour at present.

The Guard will be onsite on Friday and Saturday night for the safety of residents while further advice is sought by the Council of Owners from security consultants and police advice.

The Strata Company would like to take this opportunity to remind residents to be vigilant at the complex and ensure your units security to reduce the risk of theft. Please remember to lock up your home and remove valuables from your car. Please contact the police directly should you notice suspicious behaviour in the complex. 

Common areas pest treatment has been booked for 17th and 18th November.  In order to do the exterior car spaces the contractor will do different parts of the carpark on either day.  The perimeter car spaces will be done on the 17th and the ‘inner’ car-spaces will be completed on the 18th so as to allow space in the visitor car parking areas for the cars to be moved during the treatment.  Pictures below of the car space areas in case this wasn’t clear:


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